Welsh hospitals advertising personal injury lawyers

A number of hospitals within Cardiff NHS Trust have been asked to reprint their information leaflets for patients after it was discovered they contained advertisements for compensation firms.

The compensation firm adverts asked the question, "Been injured? Not sure what to do next?" and suggested that patients might be able to make no-win no-fee claims.

A Welsh minister questioned the wisdom of hospitals advertising and receiving revenue from firms "when it could potentially lead to claims against hospitals and encourages a compensation culture."

Health minister Edwina Hart branded the leaflets "highly inappropriate" and said that "whilst such advertisements are not in general directed at injuries sustained on NHS premises, my views on these practices are clear - it is highly inappropriate to advertise services like this on NHS premises."

She added, "Two communications have been issued to the NHS in Wales about advertisements of this nature being used to subsidise the cost of patient information leaflets."

A spokesperson from the trust hit by the compensation advertising scandal said it "fully supports the withdrawal of all patient information leaflets featuring adverts for personal injury lawyers."

"Regrettably, this was an occasion where an old leaflet was still in circulation and given to a patient."

"Immediate checks are being carried out in all areas so that any leaflets featuring adverts for personal injury lawyers are removed and replaced as soon as possible."


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