Engineer receives work injury settlement

A 29-year-old man from Kent has received compensation for a work injury he suffered in a factory accident.

The engineer had been performing maintenance on machinery when he slipped on oil and water, causing him to fall and his arm to become drawn into a bottle-making machine.

Following the accident, the man was forced to take three months off and endured surgery in hospitals in both England and France.

Speaking after his compensation win, the claimant said, "I decided to go to France for private treatment after the NHS said they could not do any more for me. The specialists in France were able to give me tests not offered in the UK and discovered I was suffering from compartment syndrome, caused by the accident."

His compensation payout will help him pay for the cost of his surgery and treatment. "I am relieved that I have finally had surgery on this injury and that the claim has come to an end. The money will help me to pay my medical bills. I now look forward to getting my life back on track," he said.

Meanwhile, his personal injury solicitor said his client's accident "could have been easily avoided had his employers complied with health and safety practices."


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