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Too many UK drivers not using seatbelt

A survey of 2,063 drivers by Direct Line Car Insurance has revealed that nearly one in five UK motorists risk very serious car accident injury by not using a seatbelt when driving.

38% of those who owned-up to not wearing a seatbelt said they did not do so because they forgot. Another popular excuse was that drivers "just couldn't be bothered", with 8% citing this as the reason for risking severe car accident injury.

A spokesperson for the insurance company commented on the car accident injury-prevention benefits of using a seatbelt. She said, "If every British motorist wears a seatbelt, we will see hundreds of lives saved on our roads each year. Modern seatbelts have been with us for 50 years, and it is time fastening a seatbelt became second nature."

It is also worth bearing in mind that failure to wear a seatbelt may affect the amount of compensation a personal injury claimant may receive for his or her injuries.


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