Injury claim advice and compensation following a non fault accident

Injury claim - Non fault accidents
A personal injury refers to any physical damage suffered by a person to his or her body as a result of an accident. You can make a personal injury claim if you have suffered an injury that was the result of someone else's negligence. The negligence may have been caused by a person, an organisation or any other entity that was directly responsible for the personal injury.

Personal injury claims can be made for the following types of accidents:

Car accident
Work accident.
Industrial disease
Accident in a public place
Accident caused by a product purchased
Slip, trip or fall
Any other type of accident.

Injuries may include:

Whiplash injury
Head injury
Back injury
Neck injury
Burn injury
Psychological injury

If you have suffered any injury in an accident, it is very important to get yourself checked out by a doctor. It will also help support a personal injury claim if there are records of your injury at your GP or local hospital.

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Injury claim services are not all the same. The Accident Compensation People are an honest and trustworthy company that dissociates itself from so-called 'ambulance chasers' cashing in on people's injury and misfortune.

We work on a no-win-no-fee basis. This means that our clients don’t pay a penny in upfront costs. What’s more, if you lose your case, you won’t pay anything at all. No win, no fee, is exactly what it sounds like. Call us on 0800 781 7789 for expert legal advice or complete a free Claim Assessment form opposite.


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