Inexperienced machine operator glove-related work injury

An inexperienced machine operator, who was helping in a friend's metal-working business when she suffered a severe work injury, may be able to make a compensation claim following a court case in which the owner of the business was found guilty of health and safety offences.

Magistrates at Dewsbury were told the worker's industrial accident arose when she was working on a high-speed milling machine and her glove became caught in its chuck, resulting in factures and cuts to her arm.

The owner, whose wife was a friend of the victim, had instructed the woman to do as he did and allow the machine to run non-stop. He had warned her about the dangers of clothes, hair and jewellery becoming snagged on the tool but had not mentioned the use of gloves.

Speaking after the case, a Health and Safety Executive inspector said the owner's practice of reaching in and out of the machine while it was operating was extremely dangerous and it should have been programmed to stop. Milling should have been done with guards in place.

It is not known if the Batley woman will be making a work injury claim through a solicitor since the business owner was fined £4,000 for allowing the employee to have access to dangerous machinery.


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