Sacked employee wins compensation claim

A man from New Elgin, Inverness who was sacked after 28 years of loyal service has won a stressful, unfair dismissal compensation claim against his former employer. The 60 year old man who worked as the manager of a dairy farm, claimed that he was unfairly dismissed following the disappearance of a box of 360 eggs, just three days before Christmas.

The box had been left in a loading bay by the owner of the dairy. When the box was not there when the owner returned to it, he questioned the manager. When he was unable to account for the exact whereabouts of the eggs, which he believed had simply been split up and sent to other farm shops, his boss told him ‘You're no bloody use to me, you're sacked. Go right now.’

A tribunal in Inverness was told that the two men had had disagreements in the past, but the owner denied sacking the manager. The tribunal ruled: ‘On this occasion, the employer had gone too far by terminating the manager, causing him to make up his mind he had had enough and was not going back.’

The manager was awarded £20,236.

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