Where asbestos is found

There are a number of materials where asbestos is found, and some materials are more vulnerable to damage and more likely to give off fibres than others. In general, the materials that contain a high percentage of asbestos are more dangerous. These are some materials where asbestos is found:

  • Asbestos cement
    Asbestos cement contains between 10-25% white asbestos bonded into the cement matrix. Unlikely to release high levels of fibres and therefore it can usually be removed safely as long as some simple precautions are taken. 
  • Asbestos insulation board
    This is generally used as fire protection in ducts, partitions, soffits and ceiling panels.  It usually contains around 30% brown asbestos.  It is a much softer material and the fibres are more friable, becoming airborne far more readily than those found in asbestos cement.
  • Asbestos lagging
    This is used mainly in thermal insulation of pipes and boilers.  It can contain up to 85% asbestos and often includes a mixture of fibres, including crocidolite and amosite.
  • Other materials
    Asbestos has also been found in millboard, paper products, gaskets, fire-blankets, brake linings, floor tiles, textured coatings (ARTEX), roof felting and hundreds of other products    

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