The future of asbestos

There are currently 1800 deaths every year from asbestos related illnesses, and this figure is still rising.

The BMJ says that asbestos exposure continued until 1980, and they estimate that deaths will peak around 2020 with around 2000 deaths per year. They suggest a strategy is needed to manage these problems, including a campaign to raise awareness of asbestos symptoms so that the disease can be detected early.

Asbestos and types of employment
The Health and Safety Executive have suggested the most hazardous occupations are carpenters and joiners. Wives and daughters who washed the overalls of asbestos workers are also among those who have died. More information about asbestos and occupations

Asbestos trade
The only type of asbestos still being traded is chrysotile (white asbestos). The majority of countries have banned the trade of all forms of asbestos, but many developing countries still trade white asbestos.

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