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Accident at work safety campaign launced in Scotland

Accident at work - safety campaign launched

A union campaign for accident at work prevention in Scotland has been launched at the STUC's annual congress.

Speaking ahead of the health and safety debate, STUC health and safety specialist Ian Tasker said there was a well-documented life-saving union effect on accident at work safety, adding STUC is 'seeking to ensure that maximum protection is afforded to non-union members and we will be calling for funding for a Scottish Hazards to promote improved health and safety and the importance of trade union membership in protecting workers in the workplace'.

He added that the new national safety body for Scotland was a welcome development. 'With the formation of the new health and safety committee in Scotland we now have the opportunity to address accident at work issues in Scottish workplaces.' He said STUC had 'campaigned for such a body for a number of years and look forward to working with the Health and Safety Executive, the Scottish Executive and employers to make a real difference in occupational health and safety in our workplaces, schools and colleges'. STUC launched a campaign at congress to highlight the union safety effect.

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