How do I make a personal injury compensation claim?

The law allows people in England and Wales to make a claim for personal injury compensation if they have been hurt in an accident. To make a succesful claim you will need to prove that your accident was due to the negligence of another person, company or organisation (this is called the third party).

To win your claim for compensation you will have to prove three things:

That someone (the third party) had a legal duty for your welfare

They failed in that legal duty (they were negligent)

You were injured as a result

There are many different types of accident you can have that could have been caused by another person. These include:

Road accident, car accident or motorcycle accident

Work accident

Accident in a public place

See Types of accidents for more examples of accidents that you may be able to claim personal injury compensation for, or call us now on 0800 781 7789 and we'll tell you straight away if you have a claim.

Getting a personal injury solicitor
You will need to appoint a experienced personal injury solicitor if you are to stand any chance of making a successful personal injury claim. In principle you could make your claim against the third party yourself. This would involve funding your claim yourself and paying for medical examinations, police or accident reports, medical records and barrister's fees up-front. You could then claim these costs back from the third party if you win your case.

The civil litigation system is complex and you can be sure that the third party's insurance company will have the very best defence solicitors working for them. It is in your best interests to get yourself a personal injury solicitor who has a high success rate with your particular type of accident or injury claim.

The best legal representation
We ensure our customers have the best possible legal representation to help them win their personal injury compensation claims and are proud of our excellent claim success rate.

The choice of personal injury solicitor is so important to the outcome of your claim and can mean the difference in thousands of pounds of compensation. We will appoint a personal injury solicitor who specialises in the particular type of accident or injury you have been involved in.

Your solicitor will prepare all the evidence necessary to prove and win your claim. This may involve police reports, accident records, medical records, photographs and witness statements. We have developed an easy claims process, that means that once a customer contacts us, they have very little else to do.

See Easy route to claiming compensation, for more information.

Call us now for friendly and impartial legal advice
Before you do anything else take advantage of our expert legal advice and call us now on 0800 781 7789, we'll answer all your questions clearly and impartially and we'll tell you straight away if you have a good personal injury compensation claim.



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