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A compensation claim can arise out of many different circumstances, which broadly include:

Accidents in the workplace
Accidents in the workplace are very commonplace, with an estimated 1.6 million injuries occurring per year. Just a few types of accidents at work are: forklift accidents, falls, slips and trips, industrial disease, lifting accidents and repetitive strain injury.

When you make a compensation claim for this kind of accident, the claim is typically brought against your employer, who has a duty to provide you with a safe working environment. The company will have insurance to cover these kinds of accidents, so the claim will be dealt with by the insurance company.

Road traffic accident
There are many thousands of accidents each year on Britain ’s roads, and compensation claims for injuries such as whiplash, broken limbs, head injuries and back problems are extremely common. Most of the compensation claims in this area which we deal with are related to car accidents and motorcycle accidents.

A compensation claim for a motor accident is generally brought against the person responsible for the accident, who should have insurance to cover them. It will be the insurance company of the party at fault that will deal with the claim.

Accidents in a public place
Most of the public place accidents which take place are slips and trips, such as falling over on a slippery supermarket floor or tripping over a broken paving slab. These can often result in soft tissue damage, such as sprains, as well as other more serious injuries.

A claim made in these circumstances is brought against the person responsible for the safety of the area in which the accident occurred.

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