Chrysotile – white asbestos

White asbestos is soft, silky and flexible. It is the most common type of asbestos found in buildings, and makes up approximately 90 - 95% of all asbestos contained in buildings in the UK .

This type of asbestos has been particularly controversial, with many people believing it is a safe form. However, in 2002 the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) announced that it does carry a threat. There was strong evidence that the risks from white asbestos are less than blue and brown asbestos, the HSE stated that because most white asbestos is contaminated with other potentially more dangerous types which cannot be separated, it is a major health hazard.

White asbestos, chrysotile, industrial illness compensation claim   White asbestos, chrysotile, industrial illness compensation claim

Where is white asbestos found?
White asbestos is found in many different products such as corrugated sheets, roof and wall claddings, drains, guttering, conduits, tanks and even flower boxes. Many houses, particularly those built between the Second World War and the mid 1970s have asbestos cement garages.

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